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The LWP covers the car height and is manufactured according to the customer’s width request. Usually it is installed instead of a car panel.

For retrofitting, a car panel is removed and replaced by the LWP of corresponding width.

The LWP consists of a central 1 mm stainless steel strip framed by light strips to the left and right. For mounting, the flush LWP is simply placed on the wall and held by magnets.

Technical data:
The light intensity of 100 lux one meter above the floor required by EN81-20 is achieved along the entire car height.

Glare is low when looking directly at the panel. Supply is realized by a power adapter with 60W and 24V. The standard light color is 6000K (daylight white).

Optionally instead of acrylic: Makrolon version (fire protection class B1)


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