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Customized car lighting:
The LED ceiling panels (LDP), customized for your lift car. We manufacture in any size according to the customer’s request. Depending on size, the panel consists of one or several rectangular segments covering the entire car ceiling or only a part of it.

Maximum size of a segment = Lmax x Wmax x Dmax= 2500 x 500 mm x 20 mm.
Therefore, the maximum panel size Gmax = Lmax x Wmax x Smax.
(Smax = number of segments)
For reasons of installation, Smax should be n<= 4.

The LDP is equally suited for retrofitting and/or upgrades and for new systems

One-man installation:

As the baseplate consists of aluminum and the frame of 1 mm stainless steel, the panel weight is primarily defined by the light-conducting material (acrylic / Makrolon). Therefore, and when using powerful pot holding magnets, installation is a walk in the park which can be carried out by only one person. (A must for using such magnets is, of course, a magnetic car ceiling).

Technical data:

The light intensity of 100 lux one meter above the floor required by EN81-20 is exceeded. Depending on the car paneling and size it is approx. 300 – 400 lux, nevertheless glare is low when directly looking at the ceiling. Supply is principally realized by provided 24V power adapters. For a panel size of 1000 x 1200, for instance, a 60W power adapter is sufficient. The standard light color is 6000K (daylight white).Optionally instead of acrylic: Makrolon version (fire protection class B1)


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