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The LiSA10 assembly provides all the control functions. Depending on the number of required functions, there is either a maximum of 4 I/O boards (IO16) or a maximum of 3 I/O boards plus the bus driver. Each I/O board contains 16 I/Os, i.e. the central board serves to realise a maximum of 64 inputs/outputs. It is the central control computer for passenger lifts and hoists. Any mechanic installations like plugs, terminals, relays – up to the TÜV-certified safety circuit – as well as the entire electronics are comprised in this unit.

Main features:

  • one electronics board covers any application – from simple 2-level traction lifts to group lifts using frequency inverters with a speed of up to 3.5 m/sec. and up to 48 floors.
  • all functions are provided by standard software – activated by means of keypad and display or PC.
  • all components are pluggable.
  • no higher-level group computer.
  • special coding of electronic components possible for customer protection.
  • remote data transmission via additional modem.
  • lift monitoring via PC programme
  • standard travelling cable
  • any external components are connected via the LiSA bus.


  • individual lifts
  • groups of 2 – 8 lifts
  • speed up to 3.5 m/s
  • up to 48 floors
  • any type of lift: hydraulic lifts – unregulated traction lifts – frequency-controlled traction lifts


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