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LiSA21 LIFT CONTROLLER – available from the beginning of 2018


LiSA21 LIFT CONTROLLER – available from the beginning of 2018


LiSA21 is an innovative, future-oriented control system. Due to the two-part construction ( processor board 78 x 210 x 20 mm, and relay board 78 x 195 x 40 mm ), this system can be used even if space is very limited. The boards can be installed above each other, next to each other or, in small areas, even separately. This allows to decouple the electronic components from the mains supply side and thus helps to avoid EMC-technical problems. It complies with the requirements of EN 12015 ( emission ) and EN12016 ( immunity ).

A new concept has been integrated in LiSA21 in order to select different user levels for simple supported access to the controller. This is to make a distinction between operator, service mechanic and core team. Depending on the selected authorization using the coded USB stick, specific function can be selected in the controller.

Thanks to its interfaces like LiSA bus, CANopen, DCP, modem, COM server, USB and SD card, it is all geared for future tasks.

Using state-of-the-art components and the sophisticated structure allow for the operation at minimum consumption. Functions like light off, display off, inverter in standby operation, inverter and door drive off, provide for economic consumption values of the whole lift system.



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