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LISY is a program, which can be installed on all computers with windows operating system.


Connection LISY to LiSA20

Serial (RS232) connection
by means of a serial Bluetooth adapter (S2BT) with Bluetooth interface of the LISY
developed by Schneider.

Connection by means of LiSA bus
with another adapter developed by Schneider (LB2USB).


Due to available software modules (LiTerm and LiSY) for Windows, it is possible to use LISY in two fully independent areas:

► as a control module (LiTerm), i.e. a hand held terminal without stationary installation
► as a multifunctional module with a collection of features that can otherwise only be achieved through a number of modules.


LISY with LiTerm application as a control module (hand held terminal):

An additional advantage and an absolute novelty, is the use of the LISY as a control module for LiSA20-controls. So far, the preferred operating module has consisted of a LISY4 display with an RS422 connection for LiSA20.

LISY makes it possible to set the LiSA20 controls and thus DCP-enabled inverters without a physically existing connection in the distance of up to 50 meters (depending on capabilities of a Bluetooth module), to read out recorded error and status memory messages, to observe current processes on the system, to give commands, and to set any IO.


LISY as multifunctional module:

LISY can be used als multifunctional system.

In addition to the usual function to inform the lift user (info module), it may well fulfil the function of a complete cabin or landing panel (command modul) and of an access control system (control module).



Examples as info module:
(Stand and direction indicator, floor-info fields, lift data, operating state, voice output, gong, emergency pictograms etc.)



Examples as a command module:
For inputting the call signal on the cabin or floor display (call button field on the tablet screen).


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